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Tag 10 for Autism is autism’s own challenge for April. It’s a simple idea: call out 10 people on Facebook or tag them on Twitter and ask them all to back the Autism Village Kickstarter with just $1 and “tag it forward” to ten more people. Nashville Country Music Artist Johnny Orr will give everyone his song about life on the spectrum called “We’ll Get By”.

If successful, the Tag 10 for Autism challenge will create a useful tool for all of us. It will also create a training program for businesses who want to be autism friendly. The businesses will be more accepting of customers with autism.

To join in, it’s just two easy steps:

First, use the Tag 10 buttons below to call out friends on Facebook and tag them on Twitter and challenge them to help by joining in Tag 10 for Autism from this page.

Second, use the Contribute button to back Autism Village on Kickstarter with just $1 so we can keep you posted about the launch of the app and the service so that you’ll be one of our first users.

Kickstarter participants will be the army of initial users who will help propel the app to success for the entire autism community.



1. Tag10 on Facebook

Tag10 of your peeps.

2. Tag10 on Twitter

Tag10 of your peeps.

3. Get "We'll Get By.mp3"

Thank you 10Times.

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We'll Get By (The Autism Song)

Fox and Friends Interview

Behind The Song