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The Friends of Nikki Challenge

I wrote this blog post about how our friend Nikki helped us immensely by helping to identify Kirby’s autism very early and how our extended family of friends helped her to help us by supporting her at the time.

One of those friends, saw this post and issued an anonymous challenge.

Here’s the challenge: Autism Village will get $10 for each of Nikki’s friends who support our Kickstarter with even just $1 - up to 100 of Nikki’s friends - earning Autism Village an extra $1,000!

You see, one of the other effects of Nikki’s coming to us was that she’d never been away from home much. After spending a year with us, she travelled the world and made friends all over before heading home, meeting her love, and settling down as a mom of her own two beautiful kids.

So this is a challenge about helping everyone in the world with autism by backing and spreading the word about Autism Village but it’s also about traveling and making friends the world over and celebrating those friendships.

To help us get this matching money, all you have to do is:

  1. Use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to call out other friends of Nikki on Facebook or Tag them on Twitter and ask them to join in.
  2. Use the Contribute button to go to Kickstarter to pledge as little as $1 to help Autism Village.
  3. Add a comment in the below comments box with how you know Nikki.



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Tag and Share.

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3. Contribute

Thank you.