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Folks, we got a call from the Groves who are off cruising. They saw the Autism Village Kickstarter email and noticed that Kirby is wearing a Chester cap in the video and have issued a challenge to help Autism Village meet it’s goal in total number of Kickstarter backers.

And our own Gold River Marina is going to jump in too with a random drawing from challenge participants for an iPad Mini loaded with Navionics US and Canada navigation app!

The Groves are offering to give Autism Village up to $1000 by adding $10 for every Chester sailor, “racer chaser” or friend of Chester sailing who participates in the Autism Village Kickstarter with as little as a $1 pledge.

And Gold River Marina will make a random drawing for the iPad mini and Navionics app from the list of challenge participants if we get at least 100 challengers to collect the whole $1000 from the Groves.

What’s not to like about this deal?

To help us to get this matching money, all you have to do is:

  1. Use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to call out other Chester sailor friends on Facebook or Tag them on Twitter and ask them to join in.
  2. Use the contribute button to go to Kickstarter to view the video and find out the year of the baseball cap Kirby is wearing and pledge as little as $1 to help Autism Village.
  3. Add a comment in the below comments box with the following: Year on Kirby’s hat and your favorite Chester boat.

If you’ve already participated in the Kickstarter, you don’t have to pledge again to enter! Just do the Facebook and Twitter call outs of other sailor friends and enter the comment info below!

Let’s have some fun, it’ll be sailing season soon enough!



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Tag and Share.

2. Twitter

Tag and Share.

3. Contribute

Thank you.